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What are the pros and cons? Janat News

Janat News

Along with the pros and cons of eating dry fruits in winter, they are high in sugar and calories.

Sugar can increase blood sugar levels in diabetics and some fruits contain salt which can be harmful for blood pressure patients.

With the arrival of cold weather, markets are flooded with almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews, groundnuts, chalangyo, apricots, coconuts, raisins, figs and other dry fruits.

If dry fruits are said to be the best gift of nature then it will not be wrong that they are not only a source of nutrition but also a source of mental and physical energy.

Dry fruits intake increases in winter but some people are afraid of the fat content in it but there is no need to worry.

Nuts, especially almonds, are a source of healthy fats, which are good for the heart and cholesterol.

Although dry fruits are beneficial for our health, but their excessive consumption can also harm our health, if we use them in our daily food, it is better to use them in proper quantity.

Choose a small bowl while eating dry fruits because this way we will eat less amount of dry fruits, they are high in calories and more calories will increase our weight.

While dry fruits are liked by people of all ages in terms of their taste and delicacy, they are also considered to be beneficial for human health due to their fiber and other nutrients, so consume this blessing bestowed by Allah Ta’ala in moderation. .


Janat News


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