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Janat News: After Kanhaiyalal’s neck, there is a threat or celebration: Many fundamentalists arrested

The action has come after several people justifying the killing of Taylor Kanhaiyalal by extremists on June 28, 2022 in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Some were promoting this absurdity, some also celebrated with fireworks. So far in many such cases, the police have taken action on the complaints of the people. Here we are telling you about some such cases.

In Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly, the police have arrested Kanhaiyalal for justifying the brutal murder. The name of the accused is Mohsin Qureshi. Mohsin had not only justified the murder of Kanhaiyalal on his Facebook but also advocated for more such killings. According to Bareilly Police, Mohammad Taj, who wrote inflammatory posts on social media, has also been arrested.

Bareilly Police Pressnote

Threatened to behead Nupur supporter before Eid

In another incident in Bareilly itself, the police has registered an FIR against a person named Nazim Alvi at Thana Baradari. This information has been tweeted by Bareilly Police on 30 June 2022. According to the FIR, Nazim has threatened to behead Aman Rathore, a person who supported Nupur Sharma, before Eid. In protest against this threat, Hindu organizations have also given a memorandum to SSP Bareilly.

Threatening to make 2 persons like Kanhaiyalal of Udaipur

At the same time, in Saharanpur of UP, there has been a threat to make the condition of two different persons like Kanhaiyalal of Udaipur. This threat has been given to them through a letter. One of them is Rajat Sharma, a worker of Bajrang Dal. Taking cognizance of this threat, Saharanpur SSP Akash Tomar has provided police gunners to the threatened people. With this, after registering a case in this case, the search for the threatening person has been started.

Father and son arrested for celebrating Kanhaiyalal’s murder

Meerut Police has arrested the father-son Manzoor and Shahzad while exaggerating the murder of Kanhaiyalal. The fireworks were fired on the same day Kanhaiya was murdered in Udaipur. The case is of Mainaputthi village of Meerut. However, on the complaint of the villagers, the police arrested both of them and sent them to jail. The police also recovered burnt and whole firecrackers from the house of the accused.

Courtesy- Meerut Police

Wali arrested for imposing the status of separate from the head

Bulandshahr Police has arrested Wali, who had put Rajput in his name, for posting the status of ‘Head Tan Se detached’ on WhatsApp. The police itself has filed a complaint in this matter. According to the complaint, Mohammad Umar’s son Wali Rajput had written on his WhatsApp status that the only punishment of a gusto-e-Nabi, separate the head from the body, separate the head from the body, splinter in your pride, separate his head. This caused outrage among the people. In this case, the police arrested Wali and confiscated his mobile.



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