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Janat News: 15 tigers out of the territory, 24 cubs young; They will die or be killed, the capacity of 43, but 80 tigers are roaming. 15 tigers out of the territory, 24 cubs young; They will die or be killed, the capacity of 43, but 80 tigers are roaming

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  • 15 Tigers Out Of The Territory, 24 Cubs Young; They Will Die Or Be Killed, The Capacity Of 43, But 80 Tigers Are Roaming

Jaipur2 hours agoAuthor: Mahesh Sharma

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Park with highest density among 20 tiger reserves in 6 states.

The number of tigers in Ranthambore has increased from 63 to 80 in two years. These include 25 tigers, 31 tigresses and 24 cubs. This is a happy picture of our tireless efforts to save tigers, but the decreasing space amidst the increasing number of tigers poses a threat to both tigers and humans.

Reason- Ranthambore has space for only 43 tigers but it has twice the capacity. Due to non-availability of territory, 15 tigers are leaving the forest and roaming in the villages. At the same time, 24 young cubs also need their territory now. Therefore, either the tigers will die fighting among themselves or they will enter the villages bordering the reserve and kill the people. This danger can be gauged from the fact that the survival rate of cubs has come down by 30% in 4 years.

Now only 7 out of 10 cubs are surviving in Ranthambore, whereas in 2018 all managed to survive. Ranthambore is the reserve with the highest tiger density kering capacity among more than 20 tiger reserves of its counterpart in 6 states. According to the National Tiger Conservation Authority of India in 2021, there are more than 10 tigers in every 100 sq km. In 2018 this figure was 9.60.

Maharashtra’s Tadoba Tiger Reserve is at number two, where there are 7 tigers in the same area. Apart from Rajasthan, Maharashtra, in other deciduous forests of MP, Jharkhand, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, this density is around 5, which is considered ideal. According to tiger experts, this is an alarming situation. Having more tigers than the caring capacity means that now the situation of conflict inside and outside the forest will suddenly intensify. The Wildlife Institute of India has also said in its 2014 report that Ranthambore has reached its ‘tiger caring capacity’. If there are more than 43 tigers here, there will be a situation of conflict. It is dangerous for both tiger and human being.

Department’s focus on tourism and shooting

Despite the struggle of tigers in Ranthambore, when everything was closed during the Corona period. Despite this, permission was given to shoot there. This has not been investigated yet. Apart from this, due to tourism, the shifting of tigers has been stopped under pressure from the hotel lobby.

Conflict between tigers and tigers in the last 8 years

  • T-84 and T-125 Territorial Fight
  • T-84 and T-124 T-124 injured
  • T-3 and T-96 T-3 injured
  • T-86 and T-120 T-120 injured
  • T-112 and T-113 Territorial Fight
  • T-84 and T-124 Territorial Fight
  • T-84 and T-124 T-124 injured
  • T-124 and T-125 T-124 injured
  • T-123 and T-96 T-123 injured
  • T-19 and T-124 T-19 injured
  • T-129 and T-10 –
  • T-193 and T-126 –
  • T-84 and T-105 –
  • T-41 Wounded

T-84 and T-120 Territorial Fight

Tigress T-124 Riddhi struggles the most for her supremacy. The Center has even given approval to shift it to Sariska.

These figures scare: 6 tigers have lost their lives in mutual conflict

Maximum 26 cubs born since 2021, 10 killed

Survival rate falls from 100% to 72% in 5 years

Year Adult Tiger Cubs Survived Death/Missing Survival Rate

2018 46 4 4 0 100%

2019 50 10 7 3 70%

2020 44 11 10 1 91%

2021 50 21 14 7 67%

2022 56 11 8 3 72%

Maximum 26 cubs were born from 2021 till now, but maximum 10 died. 7 were born in May-June 2022, but only 5 are left.

Tiger T-85, T-109 and cubs of tigress T-60, T-102 and T-69 and T-34 have been killed in mutual conflict and war of supremacy.

Human being threatened… 8 died in 7 years

injured for years

2015-16 1 4

2016-17 09

2017-18 1 17

2018-19 2 10

2019-20 2 7

2020-21 1 1

2021-22 1 0

total 8 48

Ranthambore : 1700 sq km, 80 tigers

Ranthambore National Park and Sawai Madhopur Sanctuary covers 600 sq.km. Rest 4 tigers are roaming in 765 sq km of Karauli.

Sariska : 1213 sq km, 24 tigers

In Alwar 1213 sq.km has 881 Vm. is the core. Tiger is 24. {Even after taking the approval to send Riddhi to Sariska from Ranthambore, she remained aloof.

Mukandra: 759 sq km, 1 tiger

The total area is 759 sq km. Out of this, there is 417 core and 343 sq km buffer. For many years there is only one tiger.

Ramgarh Vishdhari: 1501 sq km, 1 tiger

The total area is 1501 sq.km. It has 481 cores and 1020 buffer areas. Despite this, there is only 1 tiger.

The tiger who is in conflict or hunting killed, showed them missing

hazard : 9 Tigers are roaming here and there due to not getting the territory. They are all 2-3 years old. Same situation with 5 tigresses. Tiger T-128, 129, 130, 131, 132, 136, 137, 139, 112 and Tigress T-127, 133, 134, 135 and 138 are not getting the territory.

Conflict : 15 Tigers are being driven out of the forest. They are roaming outside the village-farm border as alarm bells. These are T-3, 13, 38, 119, 108, 125, 135, 136, 137, 131, 79, 110, 89.

Know the situation.. When the solution?

We also know the situation. The condition of a tigress in Mukandra is not good. At least 2 have to be taken there. In Sariska and Ramgarh also, but in Ranthambore, Field Director, Sariska, DFO etc. are to be appointed in Ramgarh Vishdhari. Aridam Tomar, Chief Wildlife Warden

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